Our Service

Everything at a glance

Much substance for new ways – “Construction”
– Planning
– Draft
– Construction

As you want it. Supported by laboratory and toolmaking, we offer our customers self-sufficient production units – all in-house, because of the mobility!

It doest work, doesnt exist – “Laboratory”
– Requirement
– Specification
– Development

From the development of special rubber compounds to the final product, we have a high production range.

Our services in profile – “Tool Manufacture”
– Creation
– Dexterity
– Maintenance & Repair

From the CAD design directly to the machine. CNC-controlled spark erosion machines and milling machines are used by us for the precise implementation of the designed molds, extrusion attachments as well as punching and cutting tools. Despite these aids, we can not forego the experience, the skill and a sure hand of our mold and toolmakers, especially in precision toolmaking.

Our claim to the product – “Production”
– Amount
– quality
– On shedule

We produce your parts (rubber moldings, rubber extrusion, plastic moldings and stamping) in quantity and in the quality you want and everything at your appointed time.