The beginning of Otto Haas – our story

The company OTTO HAAS KG was founded in Jahr 1946 by the visionary, thoroughbred entrepreneur and human Otto Haas in Nürnberg as a rubber wholesaler and is now one of the most important names in the chemical industry.

In 1951 the branch industry emerged and a short time later, the management decided to take steps towards own production. The first punch was installed, shortly afterwards cutting machines and presses were added.

In 1964, a 15,000 square meter property was acquired in Nuremberg Boxdorf. Four years later, new building, our 6.000 square meter production hall, was built there, which was moved in 1969. One year later, an extension of 1.200 square meter was added.

In 1979 the existing warehouse was extended by 1,800 square meters.

Thomas Haas joined the company in 1985, succeeding his father Otto Haas as Managing Partner and continuing his father’s legacy with just as much passion and dedication.

In 1989 the first warehouse with 1.000 square meters was built. Subsequently, in 1990 the administration building was built and moved.

In the Year 1991, the internal IT department became an Independent company
“HAAS-IT”, a professional IT consulting specialist Focusing on the development of our ERP system (merchandise management system).

In 1995, the storage capacity was extended with a new storehouse of 3.500 square meters.

In 2010, a Cold stoarge with 2.000 storage areas was built for our sanitary articles.

In 2018, the planned construction of another ware house with 4.000 storage areas for our sanitary articles in Dachsbach was completed.